Our names are John and Cherie. We would like to take some time and introduce you to our daughter Amber. Amber was born November 25, 1979. Amber was a very loving child, most of our friends would tell you that she never met a stranger, to Amber everyone was a friend. The world was a beautiful place in her eyes and it showed in the gleam in her big blue eyes and the smile on her face. I guess that her teacher expressed it best when she said, "Amber, a very glowing name for a very glowing girl. Amber's eyes always sparkled and her smile was contagious".

She was indeed a special gift that God sent to us and we were very lucky to have had her for the time that we did. We often wondered if we could deal with the challenges that God had placed in our hands with such a special child, but we are so glad that we were the ones chosen to be so blessed.

You sometimes feel that life has dealt you a bad hand, when indeed you have been so blessed and don't know it until you lose someone so near and dear to you like we did with Amber.

When she was about 13 months old she started having seizures, but they were nothing like we had ever seen before. She had grand mal seizures, which were different than the febrile and petit mal that our son had. Life became very difficult at this point. We went through the usual medication that was standard back then. You probably have heard of Phenobarbital...the dreaded drug of all parents of children with seizures.

July 11, 1994 we went to a friend's lake place. We fondly call him Gabby. That was a special day too. It was the first time Amber had ever let anyone throw her into the water. She asked our friend Gabby toss her into the water getting her entire head wet. She didn't like getting her head wet at all and had never, never let anyone do that before.

Another amusing thing happened that same weekend. Amber cringed for years when Chris would put ketsup on his eggs at breakfast. That aggrevated Chris, and he would always tell her to try it, you will like it. Her response was "yuck". That weekend she decided to try it...she loved them that way.

It seems like, looking back now, that things were just building up leading somewhere, but we didn't know where at the time.

The weekend of July 16, 1994 seemed like the perfect weekend for us all. We all went out for pizza on Friday night and had a great time. The next day John and I went shrimping so Amber got to spend the day with my mom and they played cards most of the day. Amber enjoyed playing cards. Then Sunday John's parents came and spent the day with us. Everyone that was close to Amber spent time with her that weekend. Monday, July 18, 1994, I woke up to find Amber having a seizure. We called the paramedics and they responded very quickly, but it was too late. Amber stopped breathing in our yard just as they got her into the ambulance. She had vomited while seizing and none of us could see it because of the way she was lying.

Amber became one of God's angels that night and left an empty space in our hearts.

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