Clint was born on the 1st March 1979 in Perth Way. Around the age of 13 he started having seizures then shortly after was diagnosed with Epilepsy (Grandmal). Clint never complained and always wanted to protect us from them. He didn't want to be treated any different.

When he was younger he played football, and was almost drafted to play with the Eagles Football Club. This could have seen him playing at the AFL Grand Finals. Unfortunately, having Epilepsy was considered a health risk.

Clint had a dream to run his own business, and in 2001 he left Perth for Melbourne. His marketing company was called The IMG Group. Running this was very stressful, and with that, seizures became more frequent. That didn't stop his dream, and he continued on doing what he loved.

Clint was a wonderful son, brother and uncle, who always looked forward to flying home for Christmas. It was a special time for us. I remember the feelings of excitement. Didn't know Christmas 2003 was my last.

1st March 2004. Clint's 25th Birthday, he went to get ready for work. While in the shower he had a seizure. The coroner stated he died as a result of his airways being blocked and stopped breathing. Clint was alone in the bathroom for two hours before someone realized something was wrong. Ambulance officers still tried to revive him, but it was to late.

I have a website for Clint, where people light candles or leave messages. That is my tribute to my wonderful brother. I'm grateful I had you for 25 years to love and share my life with. I love you!!!

Love you always
Tash Cherry

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