I like love music
I love my friends..
I love my family.. most of the time..
I love kids
my full name is Kimberley Anne..
and i love it.. but most people call me kim
I also like grey's anatomy
Athazagoraphobia: The fear of being forgotten.
I have finally lived,
I danced on a table.


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Kimberley would have been 16 years old on February 21, 2008. She was diagnosed with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy September 13, 2007 after suffering a couple of seizures the day before, a week later she suffered another crossing the street from her cousins house to home and again, was in the emergency room. At home later that night she suffered another seizure in her sleep, and died. My brother and his wife discovered her when they went to wake her to see if she felt well enough for school. She was insisting on going to school as of the night before; regardless that her seizure earlier, had left her face bruised and scratched and that she would probably be very sore seeing as how the pavement did a lot of facial damage when she fell during her seizure, Little did we know that evening, that her pain was almost over, and ours was just beginning. We all received a very fast education about the nature of SUDEP, we had no idea that there was such a thing as SUDEP; it was never mentioned by the neurologists. We also have to remember that she had just been diagnosed, and had just started medication.

While our pain is still very very great, we see the need to turn our sadness into a celebration of a young life. Kim wore many hats. She was a Girl Scout, a Girl Scout leader, she taught Sunday school, volunteered at Bristol Hospital, the Thomaston Public Library, and served on a Committee for the Connecticut North West Hills Relay for Life. Kim was also studying as a Culinary student at Oliver Wolcott Technical High school and studied Jazz,Tap,Ballet and Irish step, not to mention in extremely high demand as a favorite sitter for many families.

We miss her massive blue eyes and dimples, her fast wit and her quick smile, and her zest for life.

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