Our Livio died in his sleep suddenly and unexpectedly on August 20 2006, two months before his 12th birthday. He suffered his first seizure in May 2003 during a football game at school. Since this moment our lives have changed. The neurologist began the therapies and all seemed to go well until my sister and my brother-in-law separated. From that day, Livio suffered from depression and the seizures become a lot more frequent. The neurologist gave him new antiepileptic drugs and the crisis slowly decreased. Livio became better for a short time. No one ever spoke of SUDEP. He was a beautiful child: witty and intelligent, generous and gentle.

In the meantime my sister went often with him to London, where Livio knows her new partner. It was July 2006 when I become his Confirmation sponsor and told him " will have a lot of presents from me. I want to be a good uncle and a good godfather for you!" He said:"...oh but I will die soon…" The blood stopped in my veins.

August 13 2006: my sister and Livio take the flight for London for a short vacation. I caressed his hair before he left hurriedly.

Goodbye Livio. I'll remember you as long as I live.

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