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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sharon's Ride.Run.Walk

So I attended Sharon's Ride.Run.Walk in San Diego on Sunday with my bracelets, and arrived back home with 140 out of 300. I set out my bin of bracelets at 9AM and had to leave a little after noon, but When I left, about 100 had been taken, and I left extra to last the rest of the day. The woman who was running the Epilepsy Foundation booth said as it got later, more people were taking them. So I hope they all found good homes! If not, I'm guessing the Epilepsy Foundation took them back with them. She realizes how much it costs to buy silicone bracelets, so I'm pretty sure she wouldn't just discard them.

My only problem this year was that my supplier screwed up my order! I always get glow-in-the-dark bracelets but these don't glow. :-( I also ordered 200 medium and 100 small (and wanted to order large next time around... I had to find a way to get the cost down) and got 200 small and 100 medium!! Small are the least popular, even though I want them to fit on children's wrists, you know? I've been trying to contact the company (they're in China...) for the past week to no avail.... looks like I will be trying out new suppliers. :-/

This year people had some tent/booths set up, which I'm going to try to do next year. I think that will be even better than having my little set up at the info table. I'll have my own booth for the bracelets and information! I don't know if it costs anything, but I say let's make it a goal! Perhaps I could take donations for the bracelets, as well. Other people were selling books, etc. I'm excited about it.

All in all, it was a successful day! I'd like to say hello to anyone who might be coming to the site for the first time because you picked up a bracelet at the walk. Hello! Welcome! I'm glad you're here. :-)

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