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Monday, May 19, 2008

Epilepsy Outreach

In case you haven't seen the new link to this site on the epilepsy page, I wanted to alert you to another epilepsy support site. Hunter Tylo is the spokesperson for EpilepsyOutreach.org, which was of special interest to me. Her son, Mike, drowned of an epileptic seizure in their pool last year. I'm hoping to do something in connection with them. But anyway, just wanted to point it out!

Also, I've started one more blog, focusing on internet marketing and income, and if you're interested, you can find it at theGirlwithaPearl.com.

No new eco-friendly advice for today. I'm currently in Pennsylvania, far from a Whole Foods. hehe. Actually, wait, that's not true, I do have something that was in my mind and in some conversation today. You may have heard about all the toxins and bleach and whatnot in conventional mattresses, but if you have ever searched for an organic mattress, you'll know how pricey those are...but I've found a VERY comfortable solution! I am sleeping in heaven with this mattress pad from Gaiam. Much more affordable than a new mattress, and I swear, you'll be so glad you got it.

"Our Natural Cotton Mattress Pad is untreated with toxic chemicals and is free of dyes, chlorine and synthetic finishes. "

Woo-hoo! Be sure to check out the other stuff on their site, I ordered a ton of awesome household stuff, like an organic cotton and silk comforter... well, you'll see. Just go! Shop! Now!

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