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Sunday, November 23, 2008


I love to sleep. But with all the crap they use to make bedsheets and pillows and mattresses... ugg. Sometimes it's hard to have a good night's sleep when you know you're inhaling these things and letting them touch your skin. Now, I know there are organic mattresses out there, but if you're like me, you can't afford them! But you can sleep a little healthier even without a new, non-toxic mattress.

You can actually find some organic cotton pillows at Bed Bath & Beyond! Yep, the place that sends you 20% coupons every day. And they're filled with recycled fiber made from water bottles. How cool is that? I'm staring at the plastic bag they come in, and even the bag is biodegradable. The pillows are about $20 each, and pretty comfy. Check it out...

Mattress Topper:
If you can't afford a new mattress, how about an organic mattress topper? Personally, I love my Natura topper. They're sold on many websites, including TheCleanBedroom.com and the official site, Naturaworld.com. So now you've got a nice, soft, organic layer between you and your toxic mattress! Of course, you'll probably want-

Under the Canopy offers a nice selection of organic cotton sheets (and other bedding, towels, etc). West Elm also offers organic sheets (and it looks like there's a sale right now!).

Sleep tight!

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Awww, I really WAS missed!

Time has just slipped away from me! Been busy with a lot of things lately. I haven't forgotten about ozville though! I represented at the Epilepsy Freedom Walk this past weekend, and 180 bracelets found arms. Yay! So the goal is to bring at least 300 to the next even in the spring. So.... I have to sell the remaining bracelets to earn some money to buy more! Come on, spread the word!

Anyway, I received an email from someone who has been reading my blog and wondered when I'd be back to update. They shared a cool website with me called Embodies. I like the way she described it:
This store is committed to promoting an eco lifestyle, inside and out. The owner does one-on-one sessions with people who have been injured, have muscular disorders, or just want to keep healthy. She does pilates, acutonics (sound healing), and gyrotonics. Then, she provides people with healthy options for the outsides of their bodies, with eco clothing and accessories.
I'm checking out the website now. Looks like they have a nice selection of cute clothes, and shoes! The shoes are a bit expensive for me, but they are tempting.

I've been bookmarking a lot of good stuff in my green magazines lately, so I'll try to come back and share with you again soon. Thanks for reading! ;-)

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