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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You can tell I'm not a blogger...

...because I never write! I'm sorry to all who actually read this blog. I do enjoy finding new environmentally friendly products and awesome places to eat, but writing about it... can sometimes be a chore! I do like to share what I find, and I will continue to do so... just not as often. ;-)

What can I report today... Back in April I did another Epilepsy Awareness walk, in San Diego, and gave out over 100 Epilepsy Isn't Waterproof bracelets. I picked up an issue of Time (right? It was Time?) that had a special feature on epilepsy. I wish they would have gone into the natural cures, the raw food diet, etc... but they didn't. Our world is completely focused on "finding the cure!" through funding of organizations, so that they can just pour money into the drug industry. I am doubting that they actually want a cure. I was supposed to talk to somebody at the Epilepsy Foundation, in San Diego, but I keep forgetting. I'm hoping she does a bit of her own research on it - everything I know I found online, and have listed in the resources on Ozville. I should try to contact her again though.

Anyway! For those of you into the organic stuff.... I recently purchased a new nightgown from a seller on etsy, and I'd like to share her shop. econica makes "Stylish organic and eco-friendly clothing handmade with love just for you." I'm actually wearing my new nighty right now! I love that her clothing is unique, and stylish, and ORGANIC! So many organic clothing lines are plain old boring, but this is not the case with her.

And for food, I've discovered an awesome place in Silverlake, CA... it's called Cru. It's a raw vegetarian restaraunt and it's SO GOOD! I can't stop dreaming about their raw brownie with ice cream. I highly highly recommend it. I happened to eat there while they were having a weekend "cooking" class going on (not actually DURING my visit...) and went to the last two of the classes and learned some recipes that I've been making ever since. So if you live in the L.A. area, GO!

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