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Monday, March 22, 2010

Urgent Request for Donations!

As you might know, every 6 months there is an epilepsy awareness walk in Southern California. Sharon's Ride.Run.Walk takes place this year on April 25, in San Diego, and I intend to be there once again with my bracelets. The problem is - I only have about 50 left! I want to order 300 more - to pass out about 200 and keep 100 on hand at home. But for 300 bracelets it will cost $456. At the moment I'm trying to save money for my summer trip, and the Tax Man, so this is a large chunk of change. I have to pay by the end of this week to guarantee I get the bracelets on time. If I can't raise a little extra money to pay for this, I might not be able to hand out bracelets this year. If you would like to help me in my mission to raise awareness of the dangers of drowning, please go to the page below and click on "buy now" to donate. Please make a note in your Paypal payment that it is a donation towards bracelets for the event. For your donation I will send you a bracelet, as well, to say "thank you."


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Monday, February 1, 2010

Jody's Journey

Several months ago I got an email from a woman named Linda Caputi, through Ozville.org. She told me that her daughter had had success eliminating her seizures by following some remedies set forth by a man named Edgar Cayce. I'd never heard of him, but I'm all for learning new natural healing methods for epilepsy! She told me she'd written a book about her daughter's story, and also included a lot of information on the Edgar Cayce remedies. She sent me a copy and I just now finished it. I admit, I skipped through a lot of the details of the remedies towards the back of the book since I knew I'd never remember them. lol. He recommended such things as caster oil packs, chiropractic care, salt, ice packs, etc... Edgar apparently would go into a trance to find the cause of the epilepsy, and make personalized recommendations to his patients. I'm not a very good book reviewer, but I wanted to mention it for those who are open to alternative possibilities. You won't find a plan laid out for you here, but you might find just what you need. Of course, only do this under supervision, especially if you are already on medication for your seizures.

The book is on Amazon, if you're interested in checking it out: Epilepsy - Jody's Journey: An Inspiring True Story of Healing with the Edgar Cayce Remedies

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Curing Epilepsy

I was searching the internet the other day for more news stories on epilepsy, and looking to see if there was anything new about using a raw food diet to cure it, and stumbled across a few blogs and forum posts.

This blog chronicles the life of a little boy named Elijah. The blog is called Overcoming Epilepsy.

My son Elijah has a mild form of cerebral palsy. He was recently diagnosed with epilepsy in the spring of 2007. We've been treating his condition using natural methods. This blog is a documentation of our experiences. Our goal is to help others who may be going through similar health challenges. Together we can overcome whatever challenges come our way so that we may live full, happy, vibrant, and healthy lives.

I'm trying to figure out how to subscribe to it but it seems to involve some kind of Google contraption that I don't feel like dealing with. :-)

We also have this person updating af orum on her raw food diet, at www.coping-with-epilepsy.com. She says:

Hi. I wanted to share that I was having daily complex partial seizures until I went on a raw foods diet. I started the diet after being partially a raw vegan - but once I went all the way raw I haven't had one seizure now for close to seven weeks.

I just ordered the book by Dr. Graham, the 80-10-10 diet because this is close to what I have been doing on my own already.

I feel close to normal, and my energy level is great, and my brain is healing more all the time. I am able to do things and tolerate a lot more stimulation, and starting to feel like I am supposed to. HEALTHY!

So exciting! We also have a nice long thread started by a parent who put her son on the raw food diet, also at www.coping-with-epilepsy.com.
We're currently controlling my son's complex partial seizures with a high-raw diet. He eats mostly fresh, raw fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds. Occasionally he will have a homemade salad dressing that may contain one or two non-raw ingredients. He may also have a baked sweet potato or steamed veggies (without spices or condiments) once a week or so. He doesn't complain about eating this way. He's not singled out. Our entire family is eating this way as well and we've seen loads of benefits. I just wanted to start this thread to give a place where those of you with questions can feel free to ask them. I also wanted to share this video that I found this morning. Another girl cured her epilepsy and came off medication by changing over to a raw foods diet.
These are so exciting. I wish I'd have started learning about the raw food diet years and years ago. But I'm so glad it's catching on, and people are becoming aware that what they eat affects their health in major ways. I feel like a bit of a hypocrite though, since I'm not on a totally raw diet yet. I'd guess I'm at about 20%. Working my way up. I just thank God that I don't have any major illnesses that demand a sudden, drastic change in diet. But I do know that if I want it to stay that way, then I better ease my way into it while it's still voluntary!

Green Things

Since I haven't promoted anything cool and green in a long time I thought I'd do that now. About a year and a half ago I bought some cozy slippers in my neighbourhood Pharmaca. I've worn them practically every day and they've recently just started to look like evidence of a large dog. And I don't have a large dog. So I thought it was time to get a new pair. They aren't the cheapest slippers, but they are made from all-natural, renewable materials that are sustainably grown, and are biodegradeable and organic. The pair I purchased is made of hemp and is called D'Orsay (see the picture below, and click on it to see where you can buy them).

I did quite a bit of shopping around to find the best prices and I settled on www.OnlineShoes.com because of their low prices and free shipping. They have a lot of different styles and sizes. I'll definitely be trying out more of their footwear in the future, based on this slipper.... I love them. In fact, I'm wearing them right now. :-)

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Friday, April 3, 2009

The bracelets are in!

More epilepsy news! I just got the new shipment of "Epilepsy isn't waterproof" bracelets, so now I have them in small, medium, and large. I'm going to give a little over half away at the next epilepsy walk on April 19th, but I'm setting some aside for website orders. So.... put your order in now before I run out again! lol.

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's that time again...

So I just realized that another epilepsy walk is coming up at the end of the month. Unfortunately, on the same day as my piano recital, but I'm sure I will figure it all out. You know my goal... hand out "epilepsy isn't waterproof" bracelets at the walks, twice a year. I just thought this one was in May, not March! The last one was... I think. Anyway, here's the problem. I have about 50 bracelets left (I just sold 22 to someone in Thailand!). Not enough to give out, at least if I want to have any left for online orders, to off-set the cost. Besides, I want to give out at LEAST 100. So I contacted my supplier. Unfortunately, because I have much less spare change this year than I did last year, the cost seems out of my reach. $430 to get 100 small, 100 medium, and 100 large. I'm starting to ask family members if they can pitch in, but no one seems to have anything to spare, so far. So, because this cause is important to me, and I'd really like to have some bracelets to give out, I thought I'd just put it out there - if you think this cause is important, and you would like to lend a hand in educating parents and children about the dangers of water to those with epilepsy, please consider donating to the "bracelet fund." You can email me first, or just donate through the link below. The good thing about helping out Ozville is that you know it's going straight to benefit the people with epilepsy. Nothing has to go to "administration" or other costs associated with a big foundation. It's just me, trying to spread the word. Let's get bracelets on those little wrists!

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Making Life Better

Since ozville began, I've been trying to figure out exactly what to put on it, how to tie things together. I mean, I've got the petition page, the epilepsy page, the main search page, and this eco-blog. Or, it started out as an eco-blog. But really, the main purpose was to introduce you to things that will make your life better. Things that help the environment you live in, things that will keep you healthier. But I'm expanding now. I'm going to include information and suggestions for things that will help you out spiritually, financially, emotionally... I want to hit it all! This blog will be a well-rounded blog! As I move forward and learn new things, I will share them with you here. Here are a few tips for today...
In health and environment!
I had a craving for some SourPatch kids today, but I'm trying to stick to my goal of eating organic. So I picked up some candy at Pharmaca. I picked up some gummy worms, fruity bears, and gummy swirls. None of them (no, I didn't expect the gummy worms to be sour) ended up quenching my SourPatch Kid craving, but they're darn good candy! They're made by Surf Sweets. I also picked up some organic M&M's. So good. They're called SunDrops, by Sunspire. Mmmmm. I actually really like the almond ones, but the peanut was on sale. You have to get these. They make M&M's taste stale.

In financial news...
Right now, I'm looking into a new way of making an income online. I don't really want to say much about it at the moment, I want to see if it works first, but I will give you a progress report later.

In epilepsy news...
I've ordered more bracelets, and should have them by the end of the month. I would appreciate purchases! The more I buy, the better the bulk price is, and the more of your $5 I can put towards more bracelets to hand out at Epilepsy Foundation walks. So I have 300 on the way. But the goal is to have 1000 bought and paid for and ready for the October/November walk (I'm too lazy to look it up right now). I love giving out these bracelets, and if I had a ton of extra cash lying around I would gladly just buy them without having to sell any, but for now... that's how it goes. Thank you everyone who HAS purchased bracelets! You're awesome.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

You know you want one....

So this past weekend, I participated in Sharon's Ride.Run.Walk. and distributed about 70 'epilepsy isn't waterproof' bracelets. They were quite a hit! I left most of them at the info table, on top of a photo of Marieke with the dates of her birth and death, and they went SOFAST! I still have 15 to sell through the website, since that is to help me cover the costs of buying more. Which I will have to do very soon! But if you would like one of your own, to support our mission, please click here.

In other news, I've moved into my new place, and am preparing to green it. I will document this process, but first I have to unpack stuff so it's not such a mess!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

So, how green were you?? I admit, I didn't do anything especially green today. I threw a couple things into the recycle bin, checked out some green goods at Crate & Barrel. I've actually been trying to get a BIG green project going. I'm buying a mobile home! And GREENING it. :-D Everything I'm buying, everything I'm doing to it, will be green. If it's possible, and in my budget, of course. Which means recycled, second-hand, sustainable, handmade or eco-friendly products. I've already got a few, and when I get settled, I'll be photographing and reporting on it. I'm thinking about a video blog, how would you like that?

In other news, there is a new article online about ozville! It's at two different sites, check them out:

Remembering Marieke & educating about epilepsy

Remembering Marieke: Actress Kendal Brenneman Welcomes You to Ozville to Educate about Epilepsy & Water Safety

I've also sold 9 epilepsy bracelets this month, yay! And this sunday will be the big give-out at Sharon's Ride.Run.Walk.

Stay green.

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Monday, March 3, 2008

CURE Epilepsy

As you probably know, one of this site's main focuses is epilepsy awareness and safety. Today, while I was searching the net for some epilepsy-related news articles, I came across a website that I had somehow missed before. CureEpilepsy.org was started in 1998 by Susan Axelrod, whose daughter Lauren suffers from epilepsy. Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding a cure for epilepsy by raising funds for research and by increasing awareness of the prevalence and devastation of this disease. On their website they state that "Since 1998, the budget for epilepsy-related research has increased 25% at the National Institutes of Health (NIH)." Isn't that great?! They accept donations, which you can give by clicking HERE. I recommend watching a few of the videos they have on their video page. The 2006 video features Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I have to say, I like the video I made better, but these are informative, and not terribly long (about 7 minutes each).

Just thought I'd put it out there. I'd like to do a fundraiser for them, but I have to come up with a brilliant idea first... suggestions?

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Destiny Maker

I received this in my email today, and just wanted to share it. A man by the name of Glen Fenster is raising awareness for epilepsy by biking across the US. I'd love to do something like that. Any suggestions for a skinny, unemployed girl? :-D

From Denver to Miami (The Long Way) - One Man’s 8100 Mile Bicycle Journey for Epilepsy

On April 28thth, 2008 Glenn Fenster will embark on a 8100 mile bicycle journey from Denver, Colorado to Miami, Florida (the Long Way).


His inspiration and reason for this ambitious undertaking is his 14 year-old son, Nyle, who has suffered from acute epilepsy since he was just two years old. Glenn is riding to show his son that no matter what the disability, everyone has the capacity to reach for their dreams. He does not ride just for his son, but for other kids and adults living with epilepsy.

In 2006 Glenn biked 4036 miles from Seattle Washington to Miami Florida, to promote epilepsy awareness, with the support of the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida. Last year’s ride from Alaska added another 2500 miles to his journey, along with the challenges of the ‘northern climate’, which can be unpredictable and definitely much colder then what he experienced previously. According to Mr. Fenster, “This trip pales in comparison to the courage my son and others exhibit each day”.


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